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summertime collection


summertime collection

25 juny, 2021

a collection of atmospheres with a taste of holidays and summer

1. Market Square


A film by Enrico Dusi and Matteo Ghidoni



Market Square, by gerdastudio


2020 Collective Places Nominee




2. Forja House


A film by Pablo Pita Architects



Forja House, by Pablo Pita Architects


2020 Personal Places Nominee


Forja House


3. Casa Cosmos – Puerto Escondido


A film by Juan Pablo Celis



Cosmos House, by S-AR


2020 Personal Places Nominee


Cosmos House


4. Holiday Home


A film by Diogo Silva, Marta Miranda and Eduardo Barros





2020 Personal Places Nominee


Holiday Home


5. Cabanon 1005


A film by Amores Pictures



Cabanon 1005, by estudio eyc


2020 Personal Places Nominee


Cabanon 1005


6. 110 Rooms – Housing block in Barcelona


A film by MAIO



110 Rooms – Housing block in Barcelona, by MAIO


2018 Collective Places Nominee


110 Rooms – Housing block in Barcelona


7. Twin Houses


A film by Extrastudio



Twin Houses, by Extrastudio


2020 Personal Places Nominee


Twin Houses


8. Last day of Summer


A film by:  Building Pictures (Direction and Production), Sara Nunes (Camera and post-production), Ana Pedro (Sound Design), Blue Dot Sessions_ArticDraba (creative commons) (Music)



House in Afife, by Guilherme Machado Vaz


Personal Places Nominee 2020


House in Afife



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