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textures and fragments collection


textures and fragments collection

3 gen.

a collection of pieces for a visual delight

1. Supreme Court of the Netherlands


A film by: Dorian de Rijk, Christiaan van Leeuwen, Sabine Maas, Jordi Beukers, Alejandro Ramirez, Ella van der Woude, Marcello Sodano, Pedro van Leeuwen



Supreme Court of the Netherlands, by KAAN Architecten


2018 Collective places Nominee

Supreme Court of the Netherlands


2. InfoWuWA – infopoint and cafe


A film by Jakub Dunal



InfoWuWA – infopoint and cafe, by arch_it


2020 Collective places Nominee

InfoWuWA – infopoint and cafe


3. Stanhope Gardens


A film by Kyveli Anastasiadi



Stanhope Gardens, by Architecture Project London


2016 Personal Places Nominee

Stanhope Gardens


4. Fundación Helga de Alvear


A film by Amores Pictures



Museum of Contemporary Art Helga de Alvear, by Tuñón Arquitectos


2020 Collective places Nominee

Museum of Contemporary Art Helga de Alvear

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