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communal life collection


communal life collection

21 juny, 2021

a collection in which living is shared as a community.

1. La Borda. Cooperative housing (in times of COVID-19)


A film by Lacol



La Borda, by Lacol


2020 Collective places Finalist


La Borda


2. R50-Cohousing


A film by R50, Schweizer and Wedemeyer



R50-Cohousing, by ifau und Jeske Feuer (HEIDE + VON BECKERATH)


2016 Collective Places Nominee




3. Live-Work Complex Kalkbreite


A film by HyggeTV



Live-Work Complex Kalkbreite, by Müller Sigrist Architekten


2016 Collective Places Nominee


Live-Work Complex Kalkbreite


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