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from above to the core collection


from above to the core collection

25 oct., 2021

a collection of sequences that transport us from the exterior to the most symbolic interior of a building

1. Islamic Religious and Cultural Centre


A film by: items, Žan Šabeder, Jan Krek (Co-direction), Jan Krek, Žan Šabeder (Dop), Žan Šabeder, Jan Krek (Edit),  Jure Brglez and Gregor Vidmar (Assistant), Blaž Avsenik (Music author), Oskar Cafnik (Sound producer) and the and the special collaboration of: Nevzet Porić



Islamic Religious and Cultural Centre, by bevk perović architects


2020 Collective places Nominee

Islamic Religious and Cultural Centre


2. Teopanzolco Cultural Center


A film by Juan Pablo Benavides (PRODUCTORA)



Teopanzolco Cultural Center, by ISAAC BROID + PRODUCTORA


2018 Collective Places Winner

Teopanzolco Cultural Center


3. Kunstmuseum Basel


A film by Pablo Casals Aguirre (Direction, camera, sound design and post-production), co-produced by: Pablo Casals Aguirre and TRANSFER Global Architecture Platform.



Kunstmuseum, by Chris Gantenbein Architekten


2018 Collective Places Finalist


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