Collective Places


Vitoria Gasteiz, Spain EZN Visual Studio

practical info

Studio: EZN Visual Studio (Madrid, Spain)
Authors: Ezequiel Nobili
Video credits: EZN Studio

visual material

general aspects

It’s a site-specific project that involves an emblematic part of the urban landscape as a canvas.
An atonic synesthetic sequence of variable frequency that affects space and visitor emotions.
It is an ephemeral experience that transforms the known space into a new dimension of chromatic events.
A sequence that vary in magnitude, amplitude, scale, frequency, duration, and transition, relativizing the observer's vision, converting the time of the experience into an absolute, spectral time.
Through a chromatic sequence of variable frequency that affects space, Ezequiel Nobili invites the viewer to immerse himself in the constant flow of colors vibrations that make up the visible region of the electromagnetic spectrum.
The resulting visual phenomenon appeals emotionally to the observer by modifying his perception of the urban environment by transforming it luminically and chromatically.

about the category

The main purpose of this site specific work is to transform the known space, the public place usually visited, into an ephemeral work of art.
Wall Pattern Phenomena aesthetically connects people and architecture with the most fascinating and attractive element, light.
The medieval wall of the historic center of Vitoria Gasteiz became a dynamic space that attracted the gaze of its inhabitants. They discovered a new reality of known architecture, which invited them to observe, enjoy and reflect.
In this work, there was nothing to understand, only to live the experience.
Light festivals such as Umbra allow us to bring the "culture of Light" to all citizens, regardless of age, race, sexual orientation, or social class.
Light is life, Light is art.