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Valencia , Spain Kitônet

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Studio: Kitônet (213, Boulevard Davout, Paris, France)
Program: Housing, single
Image credits: Nethzer Torres

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general aspects

An old beautiful fisherman district called Cabanyal, close to the beach, with a rich and emblematic architectural heritage located in Valencia, Spain was the main inspiration to restore this tiny house.
An interesting challenge to convert perhaps one of the tiniest houses of the district, a typical narrow fisherman's hut of 3m width, with the appearance of a puppet house originally very dark and cramped into a light and spacious place.
The house was designed with the need of expanding the space as much as possible through light, the optimization of circulation and the right choice of materials and furniture to allow the immediate appropriation of the inhabitant while creating at the same time different sensations and atmospheres of well being despite the narrowness of the house.

The original wooden framework in very bad conditions forced us to reconstruct it to give a new structural reading by reproducing the traditional typology of the neighborhood.

We conserved the original masonry of the house in order to create an insulated cavity wall and opened the entire back facade to bring in as much light as possible.
The entering of natural light is amplified by the choice of warm yellow color on the wall of the patio which sublimates and variates the reflections of the sun inside the house.

about the category

The light, which of course also has an impact on the atmosphere also guides the inhabitant or passer-by to the appropriate floor of the house for working, Reading, relaxing, cooking or sunbathing.

The purpose of the house is for our own living, as well for international and local tourists or any kind of residents.
A very important fact is also the use by people with limited mobility, even in a house of 3m wide.
The narrow dimensions of the ground-floor made it impossible to achieve the regulatory rules, nevertheless we adapted it to make it usable for Christian, a disabled person who is one of our loyal residents.
The wheelchair accessibility incited us to choose a sliding glass door for the bathroom which added the possibility to take a shower open to the small patio.

The house is a horizontal and vertical open space divided in 2 different living spaces in addition a roof terrace accessible by a round staircase.
The resident has the choice to play with the flexibility of the space, adapting the sliding doors for privacy if needed.
Tiny House in Cabanyal is considered like a enjoyable shelter near the sea where to experience a tradicional fisherhouse with a new contemporary vision.