project 155
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project 155

Sofia, Bulgaria PS ARCHITECTS

practical info

CategoryPersonal Places

Title: project 155

Location: Sofia, Bulgaria


Authors: Penka Stantcheva

Category: Personal Places

Photos: Vencislava Vasileva

Program: Housing, single,
State: Renovation, extension, transformation

visual material

general aspects

This is a 200 sqm private residence in one of Sofia’s neighbourhoods, away from the center, but with a well developed infrastructure. Living on the ground floor is not the typical Bulgarian’s idea of a first-rate lodging, however in this case, there is a park right in front of the building, and a perfect view of Vitosha mountain in the background.
We started by reorganizing the space to achieve larger and well illuminated rooms. Three zones were created out of the original three-bedroom-three-bathroom-living-kitchen program. We created one continuous space for living, dining and cooking with a corridor doubling as a library, another one for the owners’ bedroom with dressing room and bathroom, and the third zone, which was dedicated to guest bedroom and bathroom, was made accessible through a secret door in the library wall.
The reason for the visual spatiousness of these new zones was the enclosure of large and numerous windows, grounded by the concrete floors and the all white walls and ceilings. The main problem for us was to ensure that the rooms would not apper „unfurnished” because of their sizes and the selected raw-looking finishes. We saught to achieve a coexistence of void and matter with the optimal density of all different types of furniture, so that the owners would feel comfortable. The white and grey surfaces are complimented by natural wood, linen, Bulgarian ethno details in the textiles, and indistinct and faded colour details.

This project views the home as a private place, and a place to pause. A peacefull mood comes upon anyone, entering the apartment.
Being architects, we usually introduce our clients into the matters of design and spatial interactions. However in this project there was mutual exchange of concepts, and it was the client who demonstrated to us what a habitable restrain might look like. The end result that we achieved together was one that fitted him well. We did honour both to function and aesthetics.
The spaces follow the way of leaving of the owners – they like to take their rest in privacy, and they love to entertain guests at the table, they like to transform the enormous living space which they use most of the time, and they honour their guests for the evening by inviting them to stay overnight in the spare bedroom. They are young, without kids, and not intending to have any. They have a lot of books and the need to accommodate all of them accordingly. Their bedroom is an embracing and intimate space. It is a warm and comfortable home, and it has brought me enormous satisfaction as a project.
In sync with the owners we created a harmonious place, spacious yet not empty, monochromatic yet not raw nor boring, minimal yet with added decorative touch. It is a home in the capital, but with a view towards the wild mountan, where it is easy to forget all about the dayly grind.