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main characters collection


main characters collection

25 març, 2021

a collection in which a very special character is the absolute protagonist of the space and time that they inhabit

1. The Last Mod


A film by: Bernat Lliteras (Director), C. G. Munté (Scriptwriter), Cierto Estudio (Producer and Art Direction), Pau Català (D.O.P.), Martí Blanché (Editor), Marc Tena (Music), David Gascón (Sound), Laura Cusí (Camera Assistant), Martí Somoza (Color Grade), Víctor Duque (Visual Effects), Partee (Graphics and titles), Maria Gasol (Translation), Jade de Robles (Voice) and the special collaboration of Maria del Carmen Malet de Travy.



Casa Cruce, by Cierto Estudio

2020 Personal Places Finalist


Casa Cruce



2. CR House


A film by Carlos Castro.



CR House, by Nuno Graça Moura

2020 Collective Places Nominee


CR House



3. To become one


A film directed by: Romain Loiseau & Tristan Soreau, Director of Photography: Tristan Soreau, Camera Assistant: Namratha Thomas, Drone Operator: Gary Bialas, Costume Designer: Mathilde Métral, Editing: Romain Loiseau, Color Grading: Hugo Rossello, Sound Design: Romain Loiseau & Tristan Soreau, The woman and her double: Dasom Kim.



Institute for Molecular Sciences in Orsay, by KAAN Architecten + FRES Architectes

2020 Jury Special Mention


Institute for Molecular Sciences in Orsay



4. 106 · OKI


A film by: Imagen Subliminal (Miguel de Guzmán + Rocío Romero), model: Havi Navarro.



106 · OKI, by elii

2020 Personal Places Nominee


106 · OKI



5. Hulot’s


A film by buildingpictures.



Interpretation Centre of Romanesque, by Spaceworkers

2020 Collective Places Nominee


Interpretation Centre of Romanesque





A film by Blue Calima (@bluecalima).



METAMORFO, by Julia García Lozano and Miguel Ruiz-Rivas

2020 Personal Places Nominee





7. A Cool Type for a Cool Neighbourhood


A film directed by Wolfgang Thaler, Key-person: Anton Lefabi.



Quartiershaus MIO, by StudioVlayStreeruwitz

2020 Collective Places Nominee


Quartiershaus MIO – A Cool Type for a Cool Neighbourhood



8. Sequencehouse, fluid living space for a bachelor in Madrid


A film by Gonzalo Pardo and Iván Rando.



Sequencehouse, by gon architects + Ana Torres

2020 Personal Places Nominee





9 Filomena


A film by Pedro Cabeleira.



Telheiras Apartment, by Miguel Marcelino

2018 Personal Places Nominee


Telheiras Apartment



10. Tobogan house


A film by Imagen Subliminal (Miguel de Guzmán + Rocío Romero).



Tobogan house, by Z4A

2016 Personal Places Nominee


Tobogan house



11. Rustico


A film by Casa di confine, directed by Federica Biondi.



Border Crossing House, by Simone Subissati architects

2020 Personal Places Nominee


Border Crossing House



12. Bathyard Home. For a woman, her family and her plants


A film by Imagen Subliminal (Miguel de Guzmán + Rocío Romero).



Bathyard Home, by Husos Architects

2016 Personal Places Nominee


Bathyard Home


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