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from morning to evening collection


from morning to evening collection

21 set., 2021

a collection that begins with the light of the first sun rays and ends when the last light is turned off

1. Triangular House


A film by Pedro Saraiva and Salvador Menezes; “Miniature#2 For Calvin & Hobbes’s Saturday Mornings” by João Hasselberg & Pedro Branco (Music)



Triangular House, by STUDIO_LPP


2020 Personal Places Nominee

Triangular House


2. Bombar


A film by NOMOS



Bombar, by NOMOS


2020 Collective Places Nominee





A film by Pep Sau and Job Ramos



AGORA, by unparelld’arquitectes


2018 Collective places Finalist



4. Wooden Villa


A film by François Valenza (Director of photography and editor), Lisa-li-lund and T.K Broderick (Music)



Wooden Villa, by Nicolas Dahan Architects


2020 Personal Places Nominee

Wooden Villa

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