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davide rapp about his video for living places 2020 launch


davide rapp about his video for living places 2020 launch

25 maig, 2020

Davide Rapp, architect and video maker from Milan, was invited to be a member of the jury in the last edition. He has a critical eye that has seen thousands of films as he searched for architectural elements in film throughout his career. Rapp was the creator behind the video installation “Elements” that opened the Venice Biennale of Architecture (Foundations, 2016), curated by Rem Koolhaas. This year, he is doing parallel work for Living Places – Simon Architecture Prize, where materials are not based on scenes from the history of film, but on scenes from more than three hundred video entries from the two prior Living Places editions.


As a member of the Living Places jury I had the chance to see and review more than 350 video entries presented by architects that represented their design spaces being used by residents, users and people in general. To promote the next edition of the Living Places prizes, I have selected the most significant and striking clips from the last two editions to highlight the foundations of places made to be lived, Living Places.


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