Crossing the church

Studio: Conjuntos Empáticos
Authors: Sálvora Feliz + Marta G Soler
Location: León, Spain
Video: Conjuntos Empáticos

General aspects: Going through the Church was a pop-up action that meant to make visible the abandonment of the inhabitants of the so called España Vacía, forgotten for the rest of their enviroment. To achieve that a translucent membrane was placed in an ecclesiastical ambient. The flux of people thoughout this obsolete construction symbolizes the disavowal of the current society to their origins.

Neighbours of many different ages were invited to experience a 40 meters long route in an ethereal atmosphere that modified their perception of the chosen building. Building that only remains in good state due to the Junta de Castilla y León, as this villages in danger of abandonment do.

Why did you choose this category?: This action was part of the inauguration of the Playa-220 Festival in Vallecillo, León. This festival is a multidisciplinary event that combines music, architecture, scenic arts, visual arts, gastronomy and education to reactivate a village of the España Vacía. It is oriented to architecture students and other disciplines and suggests and make possible interventions in Vallecillo Village (Leon), combining these actions with concerts, exhibitions and other events that conquer the place and its new spaces along the week.