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Madrid, Spain Conjuntos Empáticos

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Studio: Conjuntos Empáticos (Madrid, Spain)
Location: Madrid, Spain
Program: Public space
Video credits: Conjuntos Empáticos
Image credits: Conjuntos Empáticos

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general aspects

For us, the city can be understood as a fabric sewn together by a series of articulating spaces that should function as urban social activators, these being materialized at different scales. We will describe them as certain permanent or intermittent prototyped actions that trigger or reactivate programs in urban environments. These interventions are particularly interesting in places with little or no traffic for certain audiences, which we call Inatmospheres (Feliz, 2019), capable of generating an attraction for children that interacts with the prototyped objects and promotes socialization activities in city spaces that are more spacious than the standardized ones. We are, therefore, in front of viral actions of the urban space that claim the common ground for children.

Through this sequence of interventions, we intend to promote the use of public space for the neighbours and the children. First in Plaza Callao, then in Plaza de Matadero and finally in Cal Comte de la Cova, we make available spaces that are temporarily qualified for their use and enjoyment.

The plastic membrane of the structure serves as a medium for hosting collective interventions or simply moments of relaxation, such as a small concert, games or collective drawings, thus encouraging the social as a form of interaction. In this way, the inflatable structures behave like organisms capable of awakening the restlessness of the passer-by due to their lightness, materiality and surprise effect, characteristics that guarantee a sensorial experience propitiated by the environment and the public space.

This sequence of actions took place in Plaza de Callao (on 23/03/2019), Plaza de Matadero (from 09/03/2019 to 10/03/2019) and in Patio Cal Comte de la Cova (from 03/07/2019 to 06/07/2019).

about the category

This project encourages the activation of public space and the generation of community.