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Nuevo León, Mexico W.E.Y.E.S Estudio

practical info

Studio: W.E.Y.E.S Estudio (Monterrey, Mexico)
Program: Housing, single
Video credits: W.E.Y.E.S Estudio
Image credits: The raws

visual material

general aspects

Casa en el Bosque is single family house, indeed, not the traditional family home. Physically the program is fragmented in pavilions, linked by exterior walkways, blended with the forest, covered by the treetops and floated off the ground.

Located in a residential area in the municipality of Santiago, Nuevo León. Casa en el Bosque is a home that dialogues, blends with and interacts in symbiosis alongside its natural environment. Placed on a plot of 690.38 m2, with a slope of 28% to 35%, is distributed in a program of four high volumes connected by stairs, corridors and exterior bridges that respect the topography and original vegetation of the site.

In order to interact naturally with the environment and work with the slope of the terrain the layout was broken down distributing the square meters in independent pavilions. The location of the volumes was guided by trees and roots, each one was located to safeguard the seventeen trees that inhabited the site originally. The outer connectors release square meters, leaving more free area to the vegetation, and encourage the user's continued interaction with the outdoors. There are four pavilions that accommodate: a garage and storage; a social pavilion with a terrace and an interior patio; a private resting pavilion and a private pavilion for visits.

The project has as a principle to achieve the MINIMUM FOOTPRINT, understanding that the forest is one of the main sources of air purification and water filtration that contributes to the water reservoirs of the region.

about the category

Casa en el Bosque is a Personal Place designed for a unique kind of person. The inhabitant is a simple person, practical, attentive to details with a passion for outdoor sports and nature. In this house luxury is translated in the way their inhabitants live according to their principles.

The design follows function strictly and becomes a representation of the activities that take place in it. At the same time the project takes advantage of the resources in the immediate context: the vast vegetation provides a microclimate of shadows and cool breeze that contrasts with the extreme climate of the city. We stood below the treetops, but floated off the natural terrain, gaining views, ventilation and controlled solar exposure. We work with a sober aesthetic that is the result of the traditional constructive system of columns and lightened concrete slabs with double brick walls.

In the project from concept to the final design we want to transform the status quo and became the turning point for an alternative independent way of life. There’s a reference to the idea of ascetism, as a way to understand the abstinence and self-discipline, as a willingness to sacrifice our present in order to earn our future.