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Barcelona, Spain Cierto Estudio

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Studio: Cierto Estudio (Barcelona, Spain)
Image credits: José Hevia

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CASA CRUCE – Refurbishment and furniture design of a modernist dwelling in Barcelona

The proposal modifies the visual, spatial and functional relations between the different common rooms of the flat. The main goal of the project is to arrange the five shared spaces: the kitchen, the dining-room, the living-room, the new studio and the gallery. In addition, the bathroom is enlarged and a new piece is added: the pantry. The architectural strategy is to align these rooms and connect them.
Three structural actions are carried out on two load walls to widen their existing openings and create a new one between the kitchen and the dining-room. So, it is possible to bring the natural light coming from the gallery to a deeper depth in the dwelling.
The commission was to preserve the original hydraulic mosaic on the floors and the mouldings on false ceilings. In those spaces where the distribution has been changed, the ceramic revolts are exposed. Traces of old partitions in the pavement are refilled with microcement.
The five main rooms arranged in a Cartesian lattice are complemented with the circular piece of furniture that surrounding the new central cross, element that names the project. Each space, equipped with its own custom-made furniture, is versatile and ambiguous. All the furniture is approached in the same way, in terms of design, both in the kitchen and on the bookshelves and on the vinyl shelves. Two materials are combined: iron (painted and varnished) for the metal structure and wood for the other elements (shelves and doors).

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CASA CRUCE – Personal Places

Bernat Lliteras, who lives in “Casa Cruce”, describes himself as a “2 meters and 85 kg of continental mod” in his personal Instagram account. His curious personality invades every corner of his 153m2 Catalan Modernist flat. The architectural intervention was born from its desire to materialize in a physical space each one of its four weaknesses: the sixties music, the beat literature, cinema (and football, of course) and the passion for cooking. The shelves for vinyls and books were designed with the same care which Bernat chooses the copies to expand his personal collections.
Taking advantage of a host of magical circumstances; since Bernat is a film director in his professional life, he has a sophisticated aesthetic criteria and also for his role as a user of the home; we have made the short-film titled "The lost mod" that he has directed as well as performed and which is based on Bernat’s real life and apartment.
Focusing on his figure and on the link he establishes with “Casa Cruce” has helped us to explain the architecture through his eyes. There is no other character that makes “Casa Cruce” a more personal place than Bernat Lliteras, the lost mod.