New Headquarters Finsa
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New Headquarters Finsa

Santiago de Compostela MRM Arquitectos

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CategoryCollective Places

Studio: mrm arquitectos

Authors: Miguel Alonso Flamarique, Roberto Erviti Machain, Mamen Escorihuela Vitales

Location: A Coruña, Spain

Video: a+ mrm arquitectos

Program: Office facilities,
State: New construction Renovation, extension, transformation

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general aspects

The new Finsa headquarters is the starting spot in an urban scale industrial site of the new company’s humanizing strategy. New sustainable and human scale values are added and guide design, as well as the industrial patrimony and the surrounding natural Galician landscape is also preserved and put into value at the same time.
The intervention includes the full restoration of the existing offices buildings and the construction of a new one in timber connecting them.
The new interiors are built as a common place for workers and visitors, a space for gathering and living besides working. Its transparency connects the building with the landscapes: the natural and the industrial; the pine forests that provide Finsa’s raw materials and the factory where are transformed.
The use of wood, soft and bright colours and natural light is generalized and visible in the new building as much as in the renovated, giving a luminous and calm sense of spatial continuity.
Inside, the building is organized in a continuous free plan space in constant relationship with the exterior and natural light. The flexible and interdepartmental way of working in the company, shapes the different spaces, arranged with small pieces of program and the fewer partitions as possible.
The exterior is a pedestrian paved and gardened area, actually under execution, which is solved using natural and local materials and species as an extension of the surrounding Galician landscape.

The project was defined from the beginning according to user’s needs, expanded further than working. Dozens of different people from all departments of the company joined together along with the architect’s team in a working group that guided the whole work until its conclusion. This was the starting point of a new way of living and working that is being expanded to other areas of the factory in a rehumanizing strategy.
The natural and industrial landscapes are confronted and incorporated in the project by using light colours, wood and as much sun light as possible.
To fulfil all the requirements, wide open spaces were the solution to allow many different types of working and living needs: reunion, discussion, as individual, as a group, visitors, etc. The open plan is only fragmented or barely delimited by small pieces of furniture, videoconference and storage rooms.
The exterior of the buildings are being now gardened and paved for pedestrian use and as an extension of the inner spaces and bringing the natural forest inside the factory.