Co-Housing – Wohnprojekt Wien
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Co-Housing – Wohnprojekt Wien

Vienna, Austria Einszueins Architektur

practical info

CategoryCollective Places

Title: Co-Housing – Wohnprojekt Wien

Location: Vienna, AU

Office: Einszueins Architektur

Authors: Markus Zilker, Katharina Bayer, Markus Pendlmayr

Category: Collective Places

Video: Blue Lobster Filmproduction (Markus Lobner, Sandro Langholz)

Photos: Hertha Hurnaus

Program: Housing, collective,
State: New construction

visual material

Wohnprojekt Krakauerstraße von EINS ZU EINS ARCHITEKTUR___©_KURT HOERBST 2014

general aspects

Wohnprojekt Wien is the name of an association of private people founded 2009 sharing the idea of living together in the city: sustainable, conjointly and open minded. The result is a collaborative housing project for 67 adults and 34 children, situated next to a park in the 2nd district of Vienna. It houses 40 apartments, 400m² trade or commerce and 700m² community spaces.
Building Sustainability is expressed by a high Level of energy efficiency (15,49kwh/m²) supported by a controlled domestic ventilation system with heat recovery. Low temperature district heating and a photovoltaic on the roof,a concrete construction with a wooden façade and ecological materials were used and controlled by a construction chemical management.
The architectural concept gives space for the individual and the community. It encourages communication organizing the apartments around a central hallway and connecting different levels by airspaces. The community kitchen, a children playroom and the surfaces for trade are situated on the ground floor stimulating the surroundings. A big event hall in the basement, enlightened by a sunken court, allows the assembly of all dwellers and gives space for cultural activities in the neighbourhood. The roof top, belongs to all and houses a sauna, meditaXon room, guest apartments and a library surrounded by the roof terrace and garden.
The structural concept of the house as well as innovative methods allowed a high level of participation during the whole planning process from urban design to the electrical equipment.

The house is in use since January 2014 as shared ownership. Beyond architecture the project integrates a Vehicle sharing, CSA membership, supported apartments, cultural activities and a grocery store and cafe run by 8 inhabitants as meeting point for the neighbourhood. This is the facts. All these collective places and infrastructures enrich the individual and surroundings and are contributions for a future orientated way of life. After nearly three years in use we asked some inhabitants what makes the biggest difference for them:
“It is the children conquering the house as their playground beyond the single apartments.”
“It is cooking together for the daily lunch in the community kitchen organized by 25 people who work and live here (cooking once means eating 20 times as a guest for 3€).”
“It's about selling your Mercedes and being able to use 6 cars from cabriolet to family van or cargo bike in the Vehicle Pool.”
“it is about Solidarity as an everyday experience like neighbourly help, a friendly ear, childcare and sick bed visits, up to the solidarity fund supporting two flats for people in need or a Syrian family living in one of the guest apartments.”
Though the Wohnprojekt Wien is a housing complex of 40 Apartments and a personal home for 100 people what makes it difference is that in-between. In-Between the private space of the flat and the public space outside it offers a new dimension of inhabit a whole House. In Between the individual or family life and the anonymous city it offers a new dimension of a local social community.