Touguinhó III House

Studio: Raulino Silva Architect
Authors: Raulino Silva
Location: Vila do Conde, Portugal
Video: Daniel Luciano

On the site that was being used as a planting field we found the typical granite walls, a stone pit, some fruit trees and bushes. Those walls were recovered and the trees, the bushes and the stone pit were kept in their original place, in order to preserve the identity of the site.
The strong slope of the topography of about 5 meters between the street and the top of the site defined the planning of the house in two floors. Nevertheless, it was sought that both floors had direct connection with the outside garden.
In the lower floor, which occupies half of the implantation, we have a porch that allows car parking but also used for other activities, like children's parties. From this space, we have access to the laundry, to a toilet, a storage room, the technical area and to the atrium that allows access the upper floor through the stairs.
On the upper floor, we have three bedrooms faced south, one with dressing room and private bathroom, the other two have a shared bathroom. Both bathrooms have a private winter garden that allows its natural illumination and ventilation. In the posterior zone, oriented west, we have the office, the kitchen and the living room, which extend to the outside through the deck zone, connecting to the swimming pool area. In the East zone, we have the stairs and corridor with a book shelf as well as the bathroom with an attached patio next to the living room.

While projecting this particular house, all the attentions went to the details. We are constantly looking for aesthetic rigor and in this project the selection of the different materials allowed us to reach a promising result. Besides all cupboards, wardrobes, kitchen cabinets and the different bookcases we were able to design some unique furniture such as the dining table, the different beds, a couple of sideboards, the bathroom marble washbasins and the shower trays.
This project can be seen as innovative in the way it creates and preserves a pleasant interior atmosphere. Placed in a good location, taking advantage of the sun exposure, this house opens up for every angle allowing its natural lighting and therefore its natural ventilation. The creation of the multiple patios highlights this idea. In addition to that, we can always access the outside garden from every room. Furthermore, the thermic features of the building integrating double glazing windows with thermal break and a high-quality external thermal insulation composite system prevent energy waste and ensure, at the same time, an effective management of the resources.
The construction has an intimate relation with the surroundings preserving the main aspects of the pre-existing land field, especially taking advantage of the strong slope. By keeping the main elements such as the stone pit, the trees and the stone walls this project contributes for an intimate consideration for the surrounding environment. The idea behind this house construction was that the volume could integrate and play along with the terrain characteristics.