Odivelas Apartment

Studio: Miguel Marcelino
Authors: Miguel Marcelino
Location: Lisbon, Portugal
Video: Miguel Marcelino

General aspects: At some point during the 20th century, Odivelas forgot architecture and architecture forgot Odivelas.
The usual problems of these apartments include thermal discomfort, over-partitioned spaces and area lost to the exclusive use of corridors, balconies facing north, undersized and underlit living-rooms, enclosed balconies used as storage rooms, small bathrooms crammed with appliances, as well as a considerable amount of visual noise caused by: plastic lids, junction boxes, cable conduits, siphons, in addition to the usual protrusions of pillars and beams.
The rooms are redefined, smoothing the limits between living-room, kitchen, office and south-east balcony, providing a greater integration and closeness when living the social areas.
The proposal, more than solving technical and functional problems, seeks to give a soul to this apartment, transforming it into a home where living becomes a pleasure, in an attempt to make a small contribution for the happiness in the daily-life of its future users.

Why did you choose this category?: This apartment was remodelled for a single person and her two cats. Originally this was a two-bedroom apartment that the owner didn't want to loose, to become a single-bedroom unit.
So we have thought a rearrangement of compartmentation that would significantly enlarge social areas: sitting, dining, kitchen and an office area that can be closed and work as a guest room.
The atmosphere sought was of a flexible and informal home. A cosy apartment full of light and character with the strong presence of the heavy beams and columns made raw again.
The cats also had a special place, a custom designed wood box that become a special place of the project.