Real Vinicola in Matosinhos

Studio: Guilherme Machado Vaz Arquitecto
Authors: Guilherme Machado Vaz
Location: Matosinhos, Portugal
Video: Building Pictures

General aspects: The Architectural Project, which comes a hundred years after Real Vinícola was built, is grounded on the existing ruins and their rehabilitation, through an investigation of the historical context of the industrial buildings.
The main objective of this project was to re-establish the balance between the forces of Nature and human spirit. An example of this dialogue are the trees growing inside of one of the buildings, which have been maintained by creating exterior patios. The building was once again occupied, but the rights acquired by Nature over the years during which the place was abandoned were respected.
We tried to design in accordance with the original project, whenever possible. All exterior dimensions were recuperated, the design of the wood trusses remained, all woodwork was rebuilt. We sought to maintain the industrial spirit of the place.
There were changes in function which implied new spaces, new infrastructures and new legislation to comply with. Concrete staircases placed outside the building were required for fire safety reason. Since we were introducing a new element into the project, we chose to adapt the contemporary character of the intervention rather than to disguise it – by making the new window frames pressed against the wall, in opposition to the existing windows which are masses taken from it.
We wanted this balance between the different intervening forces to be visible and manifest itself in all its veracity. We believe that matter should, in this particular instance, be perceived in both space and time.

Why did you choose this category?: With the rehabilitation project, history changed. The buildings, now renovated and adapted, integrated the old factory built between 1897 and 1901 destined for the Real Companhia Vinícola, where the labelling, packaging and dispatch of the wine were carried out.
As a result of the intervention on the buildings of Real Vinícola complex, Casa da Arquitectura appeared as a Portuguese Centre of Architecture, that incorporates the National Archive of Architecture, a library, a store with articles related to art and architecture and spaces for expositions, conferences, events and activities of Educational Service.
At the south side of Real Vinícola complex, we have Matosinhos Jazz Orchestra. This institution, without its own facilities until now, promotes the creation, research, dissemination and training in jazz, playing the role of a National Jazz Orchestra.
It includes a space for the project CARA (Center for High Artistic Performance) where they promote the dialogue between art, technology and science, through multidisciplinary projects. This wing has spaces for rehearsals, offices, social rooms, practicing and recording rooms with different capacity.
As a way to monetise all the buildings of the complex, spaces for service and commerce were also available. At the center of the complex there are also two volumes that includes a restaurant and a multipurpose pavilion.