GG House

Studio: g3 arquitectos
Authors: Juan Alfonso Garduño Jardón / Ana Isabel González Urevig
Location: Querétaro, Mexico

The Casa Campanario, placed at the edge of a ravine, isolates itself from the neighborhood while opening up to the ravine’s landscape. While their thermal and acoustic qualities add to the comfort of the house, it is their density and texture that construct the spatial experience of the promenade that connects the threshold to the landscape. Compacted-soil blocks are fabricated on site and are the house’s central thread of exploration. The core module, the block, is pushed to the limit in order to con gure lattices, entries of light, tactile signs and acoustic ceilings, yet it allows the possibility of being trimmed and carved with ease.

One of the objectives that GG House intents, specially by isolating from the immediate context, is to construct lasting experiences within the members of the users. The duality between the built context and the natural context is approached differently. The urban- built context and neighbors is treated as a distractor to the process of memory- construction and, in some way, the house looks into itself in order to avoid those distractions. On the other hand, the natural context is visualized as a frame of tranquility and peace, elements contributors to the experience construction and ideal to potentially help to create a frame to personal and family experiences.