University Space for reflection

Location: Puebla, Mexico

The Chapel is an art piece that was executed by the expert handcraft of Mexican artisans and conceived by one of the University founders.

The building has small dimensions, but monumental presence. Inside the Chapel the flexibility and technology of its facilities allows to open its front view to partake celebrations on a larger scale and thus becoming an authentic Open Chapel.

Entering through low height, low lighting set of vaults and domes that are built in handmake red bricks. The geometric precision is such that for its realization any formwork was used by the artisans. Its volumes are integrated with the preexisting building with a unique front view in 4 vertical planes through 4 descendant mantles.

The tabernacle is framed by two niches that contain ceramic elements, these elements were made with a pre-Hispanic technique that recreate the transit of the Gods people.
Behind the altar, the altarpiece made of Ajalpan bricks emulate a textile. This altarpiece frames the two titular images of the Chapel: Virgin of Guadalupe made of hand embroidered fabric and John Paul II painted on translucent vegetal fibers made by prominent local artists.
The altar and the ambo were made in white quartz on a terracotta marble platform. South wall holds the Via Crucis stations that are carved in quarry gray stone with rounded edges of white onyx.

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"… you feel sheltered by a cozy space,
wonderfully well achieved
because the elements of social sustainability that make it up
were forged by regional artisans and
successfully incorporated into a contemporary architecture "
Colegio de Arquitectos de Puebla

It is a contemporary architectural space that, beyond its conceptual limits, is accessible to all, without imposing itself on anyone. This feeling is caused by the amazing enclosure that in turn shelters and protects in a comfortable welcome that induces us through emotions and unique sensations, therefore, the Chapel has turned out to be a haven of peace and reflection where the university students find an appropriate space to drain their stress and worries out and they stay in the chapel recovering their energy to continue their daily tasks.

Here are the people are who give life to the Chapel because space invites to concentration and encounter by transforming and improving its users. In less than two years of life, the Chapel no longer belongs exclusively to the University Institution. Now it is open to the residents of the neighborhood and to open to the public who visit it and enjoy it forming their own experience.