Housing Development RM

Studio: Luis Aldrete | Estudio de Arquitectura
Authors: Luis Aldrete | Estudio de Arquitectura
Location: Zapopan, Mexico
Video: Luis Aldrete | Estudio de Arquitectura

Rinconada Margaritas is a vertical housing complex, set up with three buildings in a 10,126 sqm. site. A fundamental part of the project lies on the site conditions, preserving a ravine with an important density of trees and plants. The strategic emplacement of the buildings, leaves 80% of the site´s area for green areas and open spaces, this represents a privilege due its urban condition.
This strategy frees the space, creating areas that dialogue and integrate with the landscape, these way public spaces, gardens and the ravine; create daily encounters that allow collective coexistence. On the other hand, the buildings orientation is working to achieve the largest percentage of views from the units, so as the structural system is thought to deliver a greater privacy sensation from the interiors, and a result of the configuration of the units, crossed ventilation is achieved in all of them.
The concrete materiality on the buildings, along with the landscaping work, gives personality to the residential complex, keeping the site’s original atmosphere. The disposition of the buildings inside the plot leaves a free space face to the street, which gives some respite to the neighborhood, which is of a lower height condition.

Why did you choose this category?

RM is within the category of collective places, but actually it is an intermediate point between this category and the category of personal places. Guadalajara over the past few years has lost public spaces, the use of streets has been radically segmented and urban violence has increased alarmingly, people seek security as a first feature in housing, leaving behind any other peculiarity. Therefore, this project meets this demand, but unlike all developments of its kind in the city, a footprint of 2,000 m2 was achieved on a 10,000 m2 plot that leads us to 8,000 m2 of public areas with different characteristics. In total there are three important spaces; Plaza of entry, central square and green areas that corresponds to a canyon adjacent. The entrance plaza has two important foundations, the first is to move the buildings as far as possible from the street to be more respectful with the scale of the neighborhood, the second and most important is to plan that in the future this square can be integrated into the texture of the city as a donation to the urban space. The central plaza and the canyon have the function of achieving social encounters with the user, in the same way that happens in the city. The idea is to achieve an awareness of the importance of these public spaces in order to recover, reinvent and integrate these strategies to the community in all social strata.