BF Residence

Studio: Luis Aldrete | Estudio de Arquitectura
Authors: Luis Aldrete | Estudio de Arquitectura
Location: Guadalajara, Mexico
Video: Luis Aldrete | Estudio de Arquitectura

This proposal is determined by a box that opens completely to a garden and another one that is mostly closed and only allows certain views.

This boxes relate to each other by walkways that are completely oposite, one opens completely to a side of the site, and the other one is broken into various volumes creating interstices of different heights generating spaces that área understood by their intimacy.

This opposites hallways are developed in a program destinedto relate spaces remembering traditional mexican haciendas.

Why did you choose this category?: BF has several characteristics that try to translate and transform the scheme of the old houses of the city that used a hall as a filter between the street and the house, as well as a central courtyard that served as collector and detonator of all the activities, to which they came together all important dependencies. With this idea a first lock is created between the street and the house which is a small patio that opens its doors to a densely vegetated garden, which leads to a roofed corridor that divides the house in two (our little hall) from this place it is decided if you go through the garden, you pass to a side yard or enter the house. The whole ground floor opens onto the garden and the patio, attaining to expand the spaces, in this way all the activity takes place in this duality of plants and stone, with the intention of achieving a colonization of the place understood as a small territory that detonates different meetings and activities. All the spatiality of the house is compressed and expanded with the intention of channeling the flows and being able to prepare the user for different usage experiences. With these strategies, a home is proposed as a place that is being transformed and that at the same time connects with the way of life that historically we are related in our city.