Pueblo Serena

Studio: Carranza y Ruiz Arquitectura
Authors: Alex Carranza Valles / Gerardo Ruiz Diaz
Location: Monterrey, Mexico

Video: Carranza y Ruiz Arquitectura


General aspects.

Pueblo Serena is a project based in the respect for values and the right of the people for having public spaces that they have lost for many years due to several causes and because of a fierce ambition to seek economic success in real estate developments.
The main concept was to build a project whose mission was the commitment with the society. Innovation and creativity were the main guidelines to design and build a place that would become a contribution to the community. It’s a space that takes nature and architecture as an identity and coexistence as the anchor of the project.
It was sought from the beginning that Pueblo Serena will impact for its commitment to quality, through a project that offers the guest facilities and services that exceed their expectations and make their visits to become an unforgettable experience.
It required a philosophy of work that seeks in the nonconformity, the origin of progress and passion, the method of achieving excellence based on the conviction that if you know the why, you know where to begin.
Without that philosophy, Pueblo Serena would not exist. It would be just a collection of shops, without being a space that takes the community as inspiration.
The project which one day started as an idea has now become a reality, thanks to the support and dedication of the entire team that made its design, construction and operation possible.

Today more than ever, the city and the community require generosity.

About the category. Why did you choose this category?

Pueblo Serena was conceived, developed and consolidated precisely in response to a community need to obtain public spaces that give the opportunity to live and be part of collective activities on a permanent place.
Over the years and considering the excessive growth of the cities and the insecurity that this provokes, there has been a decrease in the public spaces causing the communities to isolate and not allowing coexistence.
Therefore, the intention and development of this project was to return to the community the spaces of recreation and leisure that belong to them by right, these enables the coexistence that with commercial activities, entertainment and services that complement this purpose bringing back the concept of functionality of a classic village, where the set of all these elements create a pleasant and safe environment for the community.
A concept that is worth to pointing out is that the open spaces were given more importance rather than the built areas. Maybe this concept has been fundamental for the success of Pueblo Serena that also has become part of the daily routine of its guests whose different activities take place there and give life to the project.
Fortunately we still have found people sensitized by their country, for their city and for their community that have the vision to carry out these projects, and as a result improve the quality of life of many families.