Cushman & Wakefield

Studio: Work +
Authors: Juan Pablo Serrano Orozco & Rafael Monjaraz Fuentes
Location : Mexico City, Mexico
Video : Work+

General aspects:
The history of the rehabilitation of this space goes back to four months in which the staff was moved to temporary offices and the site was redesigned with the vision of being homologated with the new international standards of the company and of complying with the local labor requirements. In addition, the LEED certification, WellBeing with Distinctive A, was obtained, so that these offices were inclusive for both employees and visitors.

A healthy environment was generated, in which consumption is reduced from 20% to 40%, resulting in a reduced carbon footprint thanks to energy savings, 20% to 30% in water savings, and the prohibition of the use of PET bottles. Use of low environmental impact materials such as recycled wood, fast growing bamboo veneer, LED technology lighting with presence and movement controls.

Why did you choose this category?:
The distribution is consistent with the sense of work that Cushman & Wakefield has: Collision Center area for the meeting between clients and brokers, meetings between teams, general work area. Everyone has their work space, but also has a space to meet. There is a ratio of 1.5 non-fixed places against those assigned; connectivity and technology are a fundamental part of the project since the latest trend was installed and at the same time it can be updated over time. IP and Wireless telephony for each user and space. For meetings with clients, there is an Urban Immersion screen to make presentations not only visual, but sensory.

This space inspires a different way of working. Invite, summon, integrate. He talks about total productivity in his versatility when gathering teams, gathering large groups and conferring privacy for individuality. A flexible place under a ceiling in which a sea of ​​avant-garde design converges that gives it a sense of dynamism, present in the conception of this unusual interior.