Studio: Alamillo Design Studio
Authors: Arq. Carlos Alamillo
Location: Playa del Carme, Mexico
Video: Alamillo Design Studio

General aspects:
Trujillos is located right on 38th Street —famous for being the most beautiful street in Playa del Carmen— between lots not yet reached by the urban devastation. This jungle canteen has a tropical industrial architectonic language that left untouched the existing trees in the lot. The design development was based on an exact survey of all the trees to locate the open spaces where to build the 3 volumes: cold kitchen, hot kitchen and bar.

The rest of the constructed area is a tropical wood deck that allow the trees through, whether they old or young, making the jungle the protagonist of this eclectic culinary experience.

This project was one of the first to give a special importance to mixology, which is why the cocktail and service bars are wider than the standard, resulting in a very sexy bar equipped to serve drinks that highlight the complexity of the preparation and the exquisite ingredients, setting up a real show for the clients.

Following this concept, we decided to make the hot kitchen with all the ovens on display and a bar to sit directly in front of the chef, for which we located the preparation area as the perfect complement to enhance the full aroma and sounds of a typical ember’s kitchen.

Why did you choose this category?:
The construction was made with steel beams for the open spaces between the trees, chukum covering certain walls —that is a local finish made from the resin given by a tree creating a stucco— structural trunk of tropical wood and recycled forge of old local houses. With all these we achieved a balance between constructive efficiency and a tropical eclectic decoration with a light urban touch.

The experience tough architect Carlos Alamillo that the management of these elements requires prudence in the quantities and proportions, to achieve a maximalist aesthetic that doesn´t bore and is completely integrated into the natural environment. Nowadays not chopping down trees and fusing architecture with the jungle is an Eco technology not popular enough, but with successful projects like this, it will soon be the standard.