Studio: DIN interiorismo
Authors: Aurelio Vazquez Duran
Location: Mexico City, Mexico
Video: DIN interiorismo

General aspects:
Open spaces and lots of light define the goal of the project done for Paugui, a residence located in Mexico City in which the lifestyle and cultural roots of its inhabitants are present in every area. Each project is unique to us and therefore we take on the task of evaluating the needs and customs of each user, for this project we focus on highlighting the link between the family and their Argentinean roots.

Family and friends are the center of public and private areas, where the intention of enjoying the living room, dining room, bar, playground and studio is noticeable. The harmony between the furniture, materials and color palettes adds personality to each space and create a language that is enriched when going through the house.

Why did you choose this category?:
All the interior design was thought in details that constantly remind the inhabitant’s roots and the opportunity of sharing them with their visitors. In the private areas the details and attention to the needs of each of the inhabitants were taken care to be sure that they always feel comfortable at home.