Hotel MX Roma

Studio: DIN interiorismo
Authors: Aurelio Vazquez Duran
Location: Mexico City, Mexico
Video: DIN interiorismo

General aspects: As you stand in front of the multicolored reception booth, you realize you are on the edge of entering into a dreamlike mist.

A burst of color coming out to the sidewalk in contrast to the daily gray that is discovered by the walker from the neon color-schemes suggesting a fascinating interior atmosphere. In the corridors and the perimeter circulation we observe the originality in the materials, finishes and design that jump in front of our eyes preventing the opportunity of analysis.

It is pure sensation. Walls that are stripped down to reveal its history, a lounge that can be used to sunbathe or enjoy a croissant, skeins of cable, a lot of metal, OSB wood and apparent brick that at the same time gives a warm feeling mixed with Mexican colors that represent the concept of the new chain to which the hotel belongs.

The "Pack" concept in the interior is dominant, which is based on materials and industrial container design. Not in vain, the previous name of the hotel was "Bonampack", Bon + Pack, which served as inspiration and defined the unusual character of this hotel.

Why did you choose this category?: We suddenly lose ourselves in the realm of a ship. In the cabins: oval floating mirrors and beds suspended in space, corners to be enjoyed with a drink, furniture extracted from the imaginary of our culture, fire in the colors and accents of light. Integrated elements were designed in the rooms to exert their potential, as well as open and new spaces in common areas.

When in front of the hotel and discovering the neon reflections on the pavement you ask yourself: “Have I been in there, I don´t know, but it feels like it”.