Via Vallejo

Studio: Grow Arquitectos
Authors: Bernardo Cantero Rebolledo, Gonzalo Cantero Rebolledo, Fernando Cárdenas González, Gerardo Velasco del Castillo
Location: Mexico City, Mexico
Video: Grow Arquitectos

General aspects: This mixed-use project axis is the integration of the following areas: commercial, residential, health services and a hotel. We decided to make 3 levels out of plumb that are completed with an important area of public space, an outdoor park surrounded by terraces and restaurants with different specialties.
Plazas and recreational fountains add and special dynamism to the different areas connected by a walkway with light roofs to make sure visitors are able to enjoy the promenade during the rainy season and enjoy being outdoors most of the year.

Why did you choose this category?: The project seeks to be an alternative space for the zone as well as meeting its housing needs. It offers a wide variety of services and entertainment options both for residents and visitors of this important industrial and commercial core of Mexico City.
Pedestrian and vehicular access and large parking lots have been considered as an integral part of this development. Comfort and safety are a priority as the most important goal is that all users enjoy the highest quality of life standards.