Studio: Serrano Monjaraz Arquitectos
Authors: Serrano Monjaraz, Juan Pablo Serrano Orozco & Rafael Monjaraz Fuentes
Location: Mexico City, Mexico
Video: Serrano Monjaraz Arquitectos

General aspects: The main target of this project was creating a space with style and materials that transcend over the years, creating wide open spaces to enjoy the privileged views from each area of the apartment. A specific requirement of the client was to optimize the whole apartment in order to generate areas that are always useful and an architectural program allowing every corner to be lived.

To achieve the greatest possible extent, we took advantage of the interior height, where the planning and crossing of the facilities played a very important role, reducing the trajectories and leaving the structural beams apparent, giving rhythm to the ceiling and resulting in a source of light as well as a decorative element.

A very sober materials palette with only three coatings: marble, wood and concrete were used. The relationship between the textures allowed to give the sought balance and elegance thus maintaining a timeless style.

Why did you choose this category?: optimize consumption in different ways. For example: a hot water recirculation system that reduces gas consumption by 40%, bathroom furniture with an aeration system that works by injecting air into the water to increase the water pressure, reducing its consumption to 50 %.

Using a ventilated façade and Duo Vent glass —with dark tones glass and a very high efficiency factor— the adequate thermal and acoustic comfort was achieved inside the apartment, so the air conditioning system was only considered in certain specific areas and as reinforcement in the warm season. All the lighting was integrated into this same system, managing to program and analyze the consumptions to optimize them and adapt them to the daily use of the inhabitants. All the lighting is LED, reducing the consumption of the entire department by approximately 60%.

The design of this penthouse achieves all the targets set by both the client and the architecture firm, transmitting in addition to a timeless elegance and harmonic atmosphere highlighted by the splendid natural light and views.