Real de Valle

Studio: Sobrado + Ugalde Arquitectos
Authors: Enrique Sobrado & Carlos Ugalde
Location: Zona Esmeralda, Mexico
Video: Sobrado + Ugalde Arquitectos

General aspects: Placed at the northern end of the metropolitan area of Mexico City, within a residential suburb, this 1230 sq m house is out-of-plumb on a lot in the corner of the main avenue.
In order to make the most of the location the house extends to the horizon in an angle formed by the two arms of the building.

Answering to the topography we decided to centralize a block of circulations from the access that joins the 3 levels, using the 5th facade for green gardens and studios. The access floor is where the house daily life happens with all services rooms including the kitchen, living and dining room that are surrounded by a terrace that opens to the horizon leveling all spaces. On the third level we planned the additional areas such as swimming pool, cinema and ballroom according to the topography of the lot.

Why did you choose this category?: When Sobrado + Ugalde arquiectos conceive this house, they knew it was going to be seen from all angles, so they decided to give movement, transparency and privacy where needed. The pedestrian access takes you over a bridge towards the first concrete block —which is the main distributor element of the house— through the first facade, an atrium flanked by a triple height wall, that protects the house of vehicular stream and a glass facade to light up the connection circulations of the different areas. The view reveals when going into the house and walking through the corridors and ends in the double height areas opening towards the terrace which divides the house in two, giving it a sense of horizontality and lightness with magnificent views.