Real Hacienda III Canada

Studio: Sobrado + Ugalde Arquitectos
Authors: Enrique Sobrado & Carlos Ugalde
Location: Estado de Mexico, Mexico
Video: Sobrado + Ugalde Arquitectos

General aspects: The original California style house was located on a 2,625 sq m lot with 1,285 sq m constructed. After going over all the spaces we decided that for the intervention it was necessary to demolish the south area of the original construction, a large volume blocking all the light.

The client asked for a smaller program with less m2 than the original one, this allowed us to cut some spaces and make the cuts that reflect in the southeast façade which is framed by a large garden. The house was on the higher level of the lot and did not have connection with the garden, this is why we created a terrace that joins all the areas and demarcates them with the tree tops of the back garden. The development of solid and glass volumes adds a positive and negative move that gives rhythm to the façade, the solid blocks locate the private spaces and the glass ones the public areas.

Why did you choose this category?: The southwest facade of the house faces the main avenue of the residential development and was buried 4 m under the street level, making the house vulnerable to the view of both cars and pedestrians. We decided to create a stone block framed in steel that keeps all the vertical circulations of the entire house, and besides being visually important helps to control the interior temperature by gradually increasing the heat during the day and transforming into a large heater during the night.

The stone wall is a visual ending from every angle of the house, giving it the necessary presence even though it is still buried under the street level and now is protected from the busy main street. The volumes composition is one of the main features of this project and starts from the most solid element: the stone wall and the grand closed façade and decomposes in marble and glass blocks that reflect the trees and vegetation in the back facade of the house.