Authors: Arch. Lara Bissi, Arch. Maria Cristina Garavelli, Arch. Elisa Greco, Arch. Cristina Bellini
Location: Ravenna, Italy

General aspects:
“Darsena Pop Up” is a social activation project, strongly linked to the harbour identity and history of Ravenna city, and it follows three fundamental principles: sociality, innovation and sustainability.
The architectural project and urban strategy have been designed by Officina Meme Architetti and promoted by the “Naviga in Darsena “ Cultural Association.
It is a pilot process for “temporary reuse”, with the purpose to create a new sport-leisure area and to provide new services to the neighbourhood, which was unprovided of.
The main goal is to have a new connection between the town center and the docklands, through the inclusion of new spaces for many activities, an intersection between the city and the waterfront, an opportunity to develop a shared vision between private investments and local authorities, enhancing the creation of an heterogeneous area, which is now part of citizens daily life.
Darsena Pop Up is an “incremental” project, which works on the ”middle” time as a unit of measurement of the urban regeneration, marked by progressive phases of activation.
The area, of about 4000 square meters, was a former stone deposit, and now hosts a sport-cultural centre made up of 25 reused shipping container, which were transformed, adapted and redesigned, after a deep research and experimentation also in the technological field. The project hosts: skate plaza, bar, restaurant, cooking school, ice cream shop, bike sharing spot, beach volley and beach tennis fields, basket, warehouses, associations and exhibitions spaces and a teenage radio.

Why did you choose this category?:
Why “Darsena Pop Up” is a living “collective place”?
Because since its opening it has developed and enhanced people sense of belonging to a community. It is a place where people meet, spend free time, practice sport, go for a drink enjoying the sunset. It is a place who welcomes people of all ages and attitudes, from early morning to midnight, becoming a real reference point for the whole city.
It can be considered also an important boost to all the new activities which were settled up in the neighborhood after some time, it has been also a way to “trust” the new life of the neighborhood.
The area on which Darsena Pop Up has been developed is a private area, it was fenced and completely abandoned. Now the area provides a new cultural and leisure offer to citizens, tourist, students, people who want to enjoy that part of the city, and it is totally part of people daily life. From being an abandoned stone deposit, a close private area, to get one of the most “open”, loved and lived places in Ravenna city.
Darsena Pop Up consider public space as a “common good”, joins urban planning and social innovation, increasing the quality of collective spaces and providing a place in the city where everybody feels at ease. Working in a historical production context, in large spaces that remember old port activities, means to have safeguard and particular attachement to space, to the roots of the city.