House in Vilagarcia Street

Studio: SANTOS Arquitecto
Authors: Santos Vila González
Location: Vigo, Spain
Video: SANTOS Arquitecto

General aspects:
Coia, residential polygon fruit of the growth of the 50s. Tower typology of plant in H with north and south facade. House of 90 m2, built around the 70s. We are charged with an update of the spaces to live a young couple.
The house has a south orientation and is distributed with the following program: living room, kitchen, three bedrooms, bathroom and toilet. A correct layout, optimized and works.
The client asks us basically two things, increase personal storage and improvement of the bathrooms.
The idea of the project is to create a "Möbius band" that delimits the public spaces of the private spaces of the house and structure the program of the same. This band is materialized in an envelope in which the living room, public space, is disposed towards one side, and the bedrooms and toilets, private spaces, towards the other. The "Möbius band" organizes the spaces of the house.
With the idea of flexible use between the living room and the kitchen, the band is perforated allowing the visual relationship between the spaces and folding allowing direct contact of the same, turning two spaces into one or making them independent, according to the needs of use.
Wood is chosen as the predominant material for the materialization of the home, being the material that gives the character to it. The rest of the materials are in sober colors: white and gray tones. In the execution of the house the cleaning of the details is sought, the constructive simplicity.

Why did you choose this category?:
The project is about updating a house from the 70s for use by a young couple. The purpose of the action is to inhabit a personal space, a home.
Therefore, when dealing with the project of an action in a personal space, this project is presented to the selected category because it fits with the intrinsic nature of the project.