Seafront Apartment

Studio: andrea + joan arquitectes
Authors: Andrea Capilla Mónaco – Joan Martí Elias
Location: Sant Vicenç de Montalt, Spain
Video: andrea + joan arquitectes

General aspects: Seafront apartment renovation for a numerous family. The aim of the intervention is to enhance open spaces where the maritime horizon becomes the main character. On the other hand, installations, storage and circulations are condensed in a central wooden element that articulates and connects every corner of the house.
It consists on a second residence located 40kms away from Barcelona, a getaway apartment that allows its owners to escape from routine. This condition means that the space has to face diverse situations; it has to fit to the whole family, just a couple or a group of friends.

The main living area consists in a white space oriented towards the sea meanwhile the central wooden structure encloses two rooms. The other elements work as flexible spaces that can become an enclosed room so they can fit the whole family, but remain as open spaces during the daytime.

Strategic perforations on the central wooden element allow cross views so every room can enjoy the presence of the sea.

Why did you choose this category?: A getaway beach apartment for a numerous family that must work with multiple situations. The main user is the parent’s couple and their two young daughters. However, elder sons are already adults, and they may come with friends or their couples. The familiar structure becomes an open system, which is constantly changing, and the apartment should be a flexible space adaptable to each situation. A hierarchy of spaces is not defined. Each room can be linked to a wide variety of uses and levels of privacy,
Only two rooms are enclosed, and two extra spaces are left as open rooms that could occasionally become private spaces.
The main objective was to provide personal areas without enclosing the main space, so the intervention consists in constructing one single wooden element that structures everything.
An element that works as storage space, doors, windows, benches and even distributes the air-conditioned circulation. It consists of a sequence of different sections adapted to specific activities, such as sitting, walking through or just seeing the sea across it. A succession of situations that suits the local scale but allows its connection with the views of the horizon.