Studio: estudioHerreros
Authors: Juan Herreros, Jens Richter
Location: Madrid, Spain
Video: estudioHerreros

The project occupies the whole of the first floor of the building designed by Secundino Zuazo on Plaza de la Independencia in Madrid in the 1920s. The perimeter of the space is characterized by good-sized windows for which we have designed systems of enhancement, protection and concealment, which without altering the listed façade make it possible to enjoy natural light by controlling direct insolation and increasing the amount of useful wall surface for the exhibition.

The system of occupation is deployed in rooms and corridors. The proportions and neutrality of the rooms are ideal for showing art and their different dimensions make them a repertoire of architectonic experiences. The corridors function like an urban system of streets and squares which invokes the content of street art – grey concrete floors, walls of industrial panels of cement-bonded wood fibre and dramatic lighting. The ceiling height is barely sufficient for the formats handled by the collection.

The suite of spaces has three unique moments that take full advantage of the original conditions: the main access from the Puerta de Alcalá, leads in to a mysterious hall of a generous height; the double height space of the point furthest from the access, which reveals a small auditorium that inserts itself in the circulation system; and the logistics area, which contains toilets, technical services, storage racks for the collection, the archive of works on paper and sculptures and so on, all fully integrated into the visit and into the day-today life of the space.

About the category. Why did you choose this category?
Because espacioSOLO is not an art gallery, it is not a small museum, and it is not a private foundation: it is somewhere that is both intimate and collective at the same time. We shy away from the terms ‘private’ and ‘public’. This is a place of work, it is a scenario for the pleasure of time taking its time, it is a multi-format meeting point, but essentially is a mechanism that enables people to connect in all possible conversations.