The transmigration of space

Studio: Mihaarquitectura
Authors: Míriam Gálvez Haro
Location: Córdoba, Spain
Video: Mihaarquitectura

General aspects: The work in question is located inside a building of Elizabethan architecture, now of five houses and two premises previously rehabilitated in the town of Puente Genil, Córdoba, Spain. First, the owners, a young couple without children have an apartment of 45 sq mt, who it was composed of a bedroom, a bathroom and a living room-kitchen-dining room, the reform begins at the time of the acquisition of a second apartment of the same characteristics of the first one located in the plant of above, to unit them and to form a duplex and taking advantage of the four meters of the noble plant a mezzanine is raised that serves as place of relaxation and work for the inhabitants.
The materials used in this reform have been metal and wood, giving a contemporary look to a house of the eighteenth century but also a warm and welcoming. It is intended to leave the day spaces on the first floor, and night spaces in the second. The first floor has to be a versatile and open place for the reception of sporadic meetings, but it should not be an impersonal and too large place, it should be welcoming for the day to day development.

Why did you choose this category?: It is a personal space where you can learn, work, play, eat, laugh, dance, enjoy, read … live up! In the useful life of the project, which hardly reaches the year, hundreds of different situations and experiences have already passed, meetings of all types and sizes have taken place here, and I can say at first hand, that all are a pleasure for the heart and the senses, family, friends, customers, gamer, professionals, neighbors, colleagues … etc, everyone who goes through here has a story to tell and at some point has decided to stay. The space has improved considerably, taking into account that in the previous state the kitchen was a camping gas and the living room was a sofa with an office table, the space was defragmented and mixed, now there is a space for everything and everyones, the closure that was already rehabilitated before the reform, in turn makes a small greenhouse that featured as a filter of the neighboring homes in front of a custom-made space, from the mezzanine floor, you are hidden from the eyes of visitors who may be below but without left you are still part of the life of the house while you continue to work or play, you can look without being seen, and you can listen without being heard, you can look forward and you can feel to be floating at a considerable height in the middle of the street.