Garden Clinic

Studio: Aurora Gomez Design
Authors: Aurora Gomez Viñas
Location: Madrid, Spain
Video: Aurora Gomez Design, Pilar Martín Bravo

El aim of the project was to adapt a commercial space to its new use as a dental clinic. The new layout takes into account the new needs and technical requirements.

State before the renovation.
The commercial space occupies a ground floor of a 1950 residential building, located at 75 Jorge Juan street, in Barrio de Salamanca, Madrid. It is squeezed between two party walls and is long, narrow and receives barely any natural light.
Current renovated state.

– Concept: new approach to a clinic.
Adapting this space to house a dental clinic involved creating an indoor “green space” and a courtyard garden out back. The objective was providing harmony and relaxation, a warm environment for both patients and dental professionals.

The space was conceived as a small greenhouse with a garden. The partitions in the treatment areas, made of iron and translucent glass, provide privacy but also allow patients to see plants. A glass wall lets natural light invade the interior.

– Materials:

Oak wood panelling, ecological plastic paint and acoustic linoleum flooring in the treatment and surgical areas respond to sustainability concerns.

Several shades of green were used on walls, which together with wallpaper representing vegetation and wood cladding, provide warmth and balance to this space.

– Installations.
An air-renovation system guarantees high quality air inside the clinic.

Why did you choose this category?: Specific Summary
Collective spaces

¿Why is in the collective space category?
I associate the use of a clinic to a collective space, where the patient coexists with healthcare professionals.

Two ways of living space come together in the clinic, the “inhabitant”, who is the user, and the patient, who visits. Space becomes thus a place in common. A collective place in which people interact, work and communicate.

A place visited by people –patients- who usually find themselves in a state of worry or stress. Emotional communication between doctors and patients is also a collective space.

The project addresses these two different perspectives and provides a new approach to how spaces dedicated to health should be designed to enhance the experience, for both doctors and patients.

The clinic was imagined as an indoor “green space” that opens up to a courtyard garden out back. The main objective is to improve the experience for both those who inhabit the clinic and patients, who only visit.

The design of the clinic is aimed at creating a comfortable and harmonious space. The choice of natural materials -like oak cladding- and wallpaper with vegetation motifs and the use of different shades of green, has the objective of unifying space.

The garden in the back provides positive emotions, thanks to the therapeutic quality of plants, which contributes to ease stress of patients.

This small courtyard garden also becomes a space for the staff to relax, contributing to a healthier work environment.