Casa IV

Studio: MESURA
Authors: Benjamin Iborra, Marcos Parera, Jordi Espinet, Jaime Font, Carlos Dimas
Location: Elche, Spain

Live under a new shadow:

A new space beneath a vaulted ceiling gives life to this home located in Elche, in the surroundings of the town of Matola, with a damp and hot weather and an arid and brilliant landscape.

The work realized does not only meet the order of projecting a big outdoors covered area for events, a new room and a multi-purpose area, it goes further.

From a reinterpretation of the traditional way of construction a clear and bold strategy is defined. An unique cover system that breaks the traditional hierarchy among interior and exterior spaces and has the ability to entrust the atmosphere, the light warmth and the comfort of each place to the quality of the ceramic walls, which work as filters, let us say as an interface with the user (as a protective and also texturized coat) and divide and organize the space.

Understand the environment:

The first intention of the Project is to delimit or enclose the outer spaces by means of a new construction that results in a triangulation with the existing house and swimming pool.
This is the way to separate physically the lived from the quiet areas, in relation to the weather, sun exposure, the field of vision and the local and rich vegetation. A new shelter under the shadow that reorganizes the space

Emptiness as a goal:

The plan view runs away from the interior-exterior hierarchy and gives similar importance to spaces with a defined use and areas with a random or indefinite use.
A single cover with a tree acting as the building pivot gives uniqueness to the whole project.

Nevertheless, the structural reply is not the same in the longitudinal perimeter. Though in the northwest side the vaults rest in a natural way, in the southeast side (joined to the former use of the house) the vaults hang evidently from a huge beam that prepares an enormous room for indefinite and therefore flexible use and that opens the possibility to a new life for this ancestral home.

Why did you choose this category?: Make the space become more humane:

The global strategy of the Project is addressed to the service and use of the space. A private or generic use of the space.
It’s not a question of modulating with respect to intellectually high proportions but to systematization, in order to fulfill the expectations of the person who is going to be the project’s target group.

From the key element to the project:

Ceramic pieces are the optimum constructive answer to the wall system proposed in the project. Besides the fact that it represents the local construction system, it gives the spaces a special comfortable atmosphere.

Several studies and work sessions have been done in collaboration with potters of a local “bóbila”. The objective is to manufacture a ceramic piece with particular characteristics: an extremely horizontal piece, with deformed, changing, arid and irregular texture and cooked manually.

Likewise the piece proportions correspond to the face dimensions, the flemish bond responds to the use of a single piece format, without reductions or special parts.