Everything in Place House

Studio: ENORME Studio
Authors: Carmelo Rodríguez Cedillo / David PérezGarcía / Rocío Pina Isla
Location: Madrid, Spain
Video: ENORME Studio

Gerardo is the owner of a well-known restaurant in Madrid. Pilar has just ventured into a new business by opening a bakery. Her son Guillermo has just finished his musical percussion career and wants to do a master's degree abroad. They lived together in a spacious apartment of more than 150 square meters in Madrid but now that Guillermo will go out they decide to renovate a small apartment of about 70 square meters that they own. Cities are going to need more and more compact housing solutions every day, which consume less resources and take advantage of the most precious space each day.

The change of housing is for Pilar and Gerardo a conscious alternative.

How to manage this space reduction from 150 to 70 square meters without giving up the luxury of space?

“Just our lives change, our home changes with us”

“The real change of the house is that it fits our needs and not the other way around”

“No more two or three bedrooms houses. Welcome to the home of infinite situations”

“Living in 70sqm apartment with spatial benefits of 120sqm”

“Each square meter of your home is gold. No more empty rooms”

Why did you choose this category?: “Cities need compact homes that consume less resources and optimize space to the maximum”

We believe that spatial optimization without losing benefits is one of the great challenges of architecture not in the future but in the present