Topo-inflatable pavilion at We Eat Design

Studio: Conjuntos Empáticos
Authors: Sálvora Feliz + Laura Dominguez Valdivieso
Location: Madrid, Spain
Video: Conjutnos Empáticos

General aspects: The project works as another object of a festival but with a unique function as a giant yellow filter, being both the first and the last of every visit to the site. This independent atmosphere alienates the people from their daytime reality and sets the mood correctly in order to have the best experience at the exhibition they are going to witness. Built with yellow polyethylene, the air pressure generated by five air conducts arouse the adhesion of the membrane into the pre-existing built context. In this way, the objects and textures outside the pavilion can be sensed trough the membrane and make an even more mystic experience. Coming in by its first seen aperture, the visitor is guided by the gravel path, leaving at both sides rest zones made with benches and pillows unified by the colour of the atmosphere. The pavilion creates an artificial environment able to make the people feel like anywhere but nowhere in the world.

Why did you choose this category?: Collective Places.

After an exhaustive week developing the open workshop, that took place from 24th to 30th October 2017 where the inflatable pavilion was designed, processed into patterns, cut, welded together, and inflated, finally we could enjoy the finished pavilion during 1st-3rd December 2017. The pavilion set the entrance to We Eat Design Festival, that was taking place at the Central de Diseño from Matadero Madrid. The festival founders describe it as a cultural convention in which product design, digital art, creativity, music and gastronomy share the same space as family leisure activities, creating a unique environment.