Drawing on the air

Studio: Conjuntos Empáticos
Authors: Sálvora Feliz + Marta G Soler + Paula Zarco
Location: Madrid, Spain
Video: Conjuntos Empáticos

General aspects: This prototype is the result of a MadiaLab Prado (Madrid City Council) assignment to design and build a traveling artefact able to activate an unused space via an activity with children. A toroid with two entrances and also an access to the central patio was built. This space was used to host a workshop named ‘’Painting in the air’’ designed to be enjoyed by people of any age, it was specially thought for families.

A pneumatic ambient that can be shared, walked through, played on and painted collaboratively while experiencing the feeling of being inside a translucent membrane that allows partial comprehension of the outside and therefore playing with intuitions.

Subsequently it has been one of the selected projects by the Metropolis enterprise from Barcelona as a prototype for the youth, the sports and social cohesion. It has also been placed in VillaverdeExperimenta (MediaLab Prado); in Fundación Down Madrid, in the nursery school Osa Menor (Madrid), the Lope de Vega Public School (Carabanchel, Madrid) and in Rehogar9 (Barcelona).

Why did you choose this category?: This prototype was designed for MediaLab Prado (Ayuntamiento de Madrid) to activate a disuse space through an activity with children. The traveling pneumatic ambient was created to be shared and used collaboratively, as a playground, as a bearer of the paintings, to be walked through and to play with the intuitions from the outside across the translucent membrane.