Mondays in the sun

Studio: Conjuntos Empáticos
Authors: Sálvora Feliz + Laura Dominguez Valdivieso
Location: León, Spain
Video: Conjuntos Empáticos

General aspects: “Los lunes al sol” is an installation made inside the Playa-220 Festival, a second multiplatform event that combined music, architecture, scenic and plastic arts, gastronomy and education that was created to reactivate some almost uninhabited villages of rural Spain, in this case, Vallecillo, León. The festival took place from August to October 2017, when the installation was dismantled due to inclement weather.

As a participative and collaborative construction project, a series of dynamics are developed in which the neighbours of the town, with the help of university students, carry out actions that allow the construction of an artefact capable of modifying the comfort conditions that are perceived in a low-use parking, linked to the town’s main square. In this way, a textile structure at the service of the user is proposed to adapt the space with no particular use to programmes with customized identities, by means of a domestic scale.

We understand that the non-designed and non-defined public space can present situations of disorientation and, in the worst-case scenarios, these spaces could appear destined to the obsolescence. In contrast, the medium-sized space is easy to use through Domestication strategies of the public space. For this reason, a system generated with objects and elements of common use is integrated, which facilities its assimilation and acceptance by the user. Thus, objects such as old umbrellas, vats, a large net, chairs, artificial vegetation, inflate pools, etc. are reused. In this way, we are able to generate situations of identity and domestic scale, with strong bonds to the users at the time of the implementation of use, which encourages the enjoyment of the project.

Why did you choose this category?: Collective Places.

This place was no-used parking zone closely linked to Town Hall Square. Now it is a playground where children and older persons can play with better thermal comfort. New places which help build community and public life.