Studio: architecten de vylder vinck taillieu
Authors: Jan De Vylder, Inge Vinck & Jo Taillieu
Location: Ternat, Belgium
Video: architecten de vylder vinck taillieu

Life is architecture. Maybe only that. It is more. We all know. But at the end. Life. And how life could be given place. Or a place becomes a place one would love to live. Would longue for. Longue to live.

Sometimes that place should not be ambition too much. That place should ambition just to be enough different. Slightly different. Differences not too big. Precise differences.

A window. Maybe the window different only. Not a window in a wall. But a window around the corner. That makes a room not just a room. But makes the room a corner. A corner of a house. Like it is a house.

A corner view. With or without a terrace. But anyway. A view along. Along the building. Call it the house. Along life.

And maybe just only that idea. That only idea makes it all. It gives the gestalt. Or the perception. It drives the plan. It organises all. It makes the life.

This is my room. My life. Looking in an oblique way away. The horizon is aside.

Why did you choose this category?: personal spaces

Kapelleveld is all about personal space. This might sound slightly strange, since it's collective housing. Elderly care. Still it isn't. It's very important to let people maintain their own identity. Their private space. Their personal space. The architecture of the building really supports the user to maintain this identity. Without losing them in solitude. Everybody's linked and connected. Yet it's all about personal space.