Studio: architecten de vylder vinck taillieu
Authors: Jan De Vylder, Inge Vinck & Jo Taillieu
Location: Melle, Belgium
Video: architecten de vylder vinck taillieu

If the building (seems to) have no future. But psychiatry is longing for another future. Maybe the other future might be still the building without the seemingly future. Maybe the future is not what the future is expected to be.

The young director and its team fully understood that the building could not cope with the ruling regulations and expectations at that very moment. But they shared the idea that another future should be found.

Maybe the building could turn in something different. Into a place. Not just a building. But a place one would longue for. An off-pace as a place. That place as a place to feel home. Or as a moment to feel home.

A psychiatric clinic or campus is a campus on the move. The campus was conceived beginning 1900. It started to change significantly from mid 1900. Luckily new visions came along. And old buildings were replaced by new. A natural change. That’s how they though about it that very moment.

But also those changing visions became part of new understanding. Yes change at any time. But not anymore just only change without respect for what was the idea before.

The young director and his team formulated the question differently. Or the way around. Starting from the giving heritage. How could that heritage eventually inspire the next idea or vision?

The old building became the new future. A new kind of place. To meet. But not only to meet. But also place to experiment with different approaches. In therapy. Not regulated. But inspired. For life. Day and night available. Season by season different. Different for young the for old. Immediately for everyone. Or after a while for the others. But at the end: for all.

A building not as a ruin. But as a fundament for the next future.

collective places

Caritas is a collective place. It's for everybody, however it's owned by no one. This makes that every user of the building find his own way to deal with the place. Ranging from a quiet morning walk along different spaces, lights, trees and stairs. To collective workshops in one of the many glasshouses. Whether it's about enjoying a book on the slopes outside or lighting up the fireplace inside, this project is te be conceived as collective – however free. Like a park. Inside the park.