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Category Personal Places
Program: Housing, apartment, Spiritual dimension,
State: Renovation, extension, transformation
Video credits: Zero-Gravity Performer: Guillem Jiménez
Special thanks to: Mariagrazia & Gianluca
Image credits: Photography by JORDI BERNADÓ

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general aspects

THE WHITE ROOM deals with the ability to transform a dark, narrow, outdated pre-existing apartment with a serious structural pathology, into a kind of 'giant cabin' imbued with a new white and luminous atmosphere with no continuity solution, where spatial optimization and the dissolution of its interior programmatic limits, take on special relevance through an asymmetric but symbiotic collaborative capacity strategy, transforming its ability for use and performativity, while increasing the ratio of its spatial benefits: A house of barely 80m2, which achieves articulate three double bedrooms, three bathrooms and a large 35m2 lounge space, questioning the primary concept of refuge, regarding its admissible scale and its flexibility by combining the following actions:
SUTURE: The structural intervention carried out, by means of the functional substitution of the ceiling slab, allowed to enable the spatial and gravitational benefits of the resulting open floor plan.
DISGREGATED CONCENTRATION: Programmatic efficiency strategy, based on the grouping and equipping of the server spaces, by means of two parallel longitudinal units through the central axial corridor, solving the entire functional and domestic storage system, allowing to free up the maximum possible surface to assign to the main spaces.
PROGRAMMATIC DISLOCATION: The kitchen strategically relocated in the transit space becomes a non-place-mix-use that interacts spontaneously with users, decreasing its privacy ratio in proportion to the increase in its performativity: the kitchen understood as an empathizing device.
ELASTICITY: The arrangement and elasticity of certain components, in turn, allows the spontaneous reprogramming of some functionalities, expanding their spectrum of action, as well as their inclusive capacity.

about the category

ZERO-GRAVITY, or the domestic space understood from inclusive indeterminacy, that is capable of housing any kind of sentimental modulation, such as a personal dream projection box, that acts as a background for an imagined life and that admits all kinds of inclusive dreams with sufficient bearing capacity; the flexibility of its spaces and functions, the understanding of the atmospheric assembly as a projectual layer that interacts in the result of the whole throug led-lines lightning design and artificial clima lines following the axis of the project applied, the reflections understood as a construction material, the materiality applied to the surfaces in which local reminiscences have been surgically introduced through geometric patterns and natural textures, the dissolution between container and content through the arrangement of tatamis for the beds or the extendable table in the lounge, the lightness of lines in the pieces of furniture that colonize the space as lightful nearly-floating elements, or the application of a magical window towards an imagining exteriority about which a Moon turns on the landscape at the click of a button, and that in its fictional becoming , it blurs the limits between exteriority and interiority, questions again the establishment of supposed categorizations, that interconnects the domestic and the exoplanetary scales, the whole with the part, as in a Copernican balloon in which interscalar powers run at ease ... between air and water, a single vibration appears: the unspeakable space as a domestic spectacle with Lunar electro-control. The living space enabled with metaphysical qualities.