Seasons that Catch Us
Collective Places

Seasons that Catch Us

Ponte de Lima, Portugal Metamorfosis

practical info

Category Collective Places
Studio: Metamorfosis (Angers, France)
Authors: Dina Cerutti, Bárbara Del Fabro, Victoria Magnano
Location: Ponte de Lima, Portugal
State: Temporary or ephemeral
Video credits: Victoria Magnano, Spixel
Image credits: Victoria Magnano

visual material

general aspects

The theme "Climate in gardens" of the XIV Ponte de Lima International Gardens Festival (Portugal), inspired us the idea of exploring links that can be common to all visitors, looking for sensory experiences from different angles.

" Seasons that Catch Us " is an ephemeral garden that made part of the Festival. It was thought as a dynamic, interactive-sensory and inclusive project. Trapped in a spider web-inspired design are the spaces, "nodes", representing the four seasons. The windows of the nodes at different heights adapt to all kinds of audiences (adults, children, people in wheelchairs...) and allow to observe the garden in different colors thanks to the game created with acrylics.

Each « node » offers unique interactive and sensory elements. « Looking to Imagine » captures the imagination with watercolours. « Reading to Dream » encourages to discover each season, through the verses of a poem, translated into different languages. « Touching to Feel » invites us to explore diverse sensations and textures that drives thinking about the depicted season.

The transition between each season is accompanied by the vegetable palette (e.g. foliage, flowers in the shades of black and violet for winter). Plant species were selected according to their adaptation to the environment, the contribution to biodiversity and characteristics such as variety of textures, colors and aromas.

about the category

Ponte de Lima International Gardens Festival was a challenge that we undertook as a multidisciplinary team. It was the first time we had participated in a competition of this kind and at international level.

The interest in participating in this festival was to be able to present an ephemeral garden proposal based on a given theme and at the collective level. Inspired by the fact that it has a wider social outreach than a particular garden, for example, and look for adaptation to different audiences (age, sex, nationality), are some of the motivations that gave rise to the project " Seasons that Catch Us ".

Project focuses on finding that the public interacted with installation through the senses, arousing curiosity, raise awareness thereof biodiversity, the environment, the re-use and recycling of materials.

All reasons that motivated us to participate in the "collective" category of the prize.