A Baiuca Kindergarten
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A Baiuca Kindergarten

A Estrada. Pontevedra, Spain abalo alonso arquitectos

practical info

Studio: abalo alonso arquitectos (Santiago de Compostela, Spain)
Authors: Elizabeth Abalo, Gonzalo Alonso, Francisco González Varela
Location: A Estrada. Pontevedra, Spain
Program: Education facilities,
State: New construction
Video credits: Santos Díez
Image credits: Santos Díez / Bisimages

visual material

general aspects

The school is located in the boundaries of the village, where this one becomes rural. A group of childlike volumes join themselves as if they were any of the near “rueiros”, traditional constructions of this region. And as we are in a carpenter land, what if not wood could be our material?

The functional diagram is very clear. Three longitudinal strips contain the different parts of the program. We have, on the north side, administration and facilities; on the south, the classrooms and, in the middle, the multipurpose room also general corridor.

The main entrance is in the east facade, which is the only one in direct contact with the Street. We have other secondary access, in the north facade, for maintenance, provisions or staff.

The central part does not have partitions, but cover, ceiling and skylights qualify the volume. At the same time we have ventilation, natural light and less acoustic impact. And, with this design, we can use this space at the same time for different activities or along the different hours of the day.

The classrooms are in the sunny south part. They have square proportions, but we can divide in different connected areas: playground from side to side, restrooms in the facade, because of control and using from inside or outside and other interior part to rest or play with devices.

The structural system works with CLT. We complete the section with insulation and ventilated facade of wood. We also use wood in the windows and pavement.

The village has atlantic climate. We put those rooms which do not need sun, or which are small, in the north side, and those which are bigger, or need hot in the south facade. We also use fallen leaf trees and pergolas in this area, to favor sun in the winter but shadow in the summer.

As we have four different orientations we have natural light and ventilation in all the rooms, even in the central area, due to the skylights

All the natural and recycled materials work in this direction of sustainabili

about the category

The project is a kindergarten, to educate children from 0 to 3 years old