Studio Lacy

Title: Studio Lacy
Location: Sabadell, Spain
Studio: Sauquet Arquitectes
Author: Roger Sauquet, Xavier Sauquet-Guillem Bosch, Anna Bonet, Berta Fusté
Category: Collective Places
Photos: José Hevia
Video: Sauquet Arquitectes

The site was a former atelier and later on it was a garage.
From the street, there was a big wooden door that gave access to a unique inner space. At the back there was a toilet and a porch open to a pool oriented to the south.
The intervention was basically focused on two spaces: the entrance and the back courtyard. For the entrance we have recycled an ancient door and a stained glass window generating an entrance porch opened to the street.
 At the back part of the studio we have covered part of the pool with a light structure of glass and steel that we use as a meeting room. The gallery is an energy captator for the winter and, during the summer, it is easily converted into a porch with the opening of an awning placed above the glass. 
In the interior, we have kept the original walls and ceiling turning one of the walls into a continuous bookshelf. The whole floor is a wood platform, underneath we put all the installations.
 A steel stair connects the gallery with the back courtyard.

Studio Lacy is our studio. So, we spent a lot of hours working in it and we can ensure that is actually cozy. When we designed it we were obsess with light, because the former studio we had was very dark. The greenhouse we built at the back patio is a space full of light, warm in winter. Also, the large and antique window of the façade completes the natural illumination of the place, balancing the light from the back to the front.
The space was conceived as unique because we usually work together, making different tasks but being in contact. Also we listen the same music, if it’s the case. We develop the meetings with the customers in the glasshouse and it’s actually pleasant. Customers cross completely the studio and finally arrive at the back part. They can observe our work, feeling confident with us. The patio is a summer space. We put a group of plants to fresh the air. There we check some construction products and observe the samples of the materials we are using in our designs.
To conclude, we can say that is a pleasure to work in a space like that. Architectural environment helps to obtain good ideas.