Soulages Museum

Title: Soulages Museum
Location: Rodez, France
Office: RCR Arquitectes; Passelac & Roques Architectes
Authors: Rafael Aranda, Carme Pigem, Ramón Vilalta, Gilles Tregouet, Romain Passelac, François Roques
Category: Collective Places

Soulages museum, Rodez. France
A museum for Soulages, the French painter of “light” who has inspired us so often was –and still is- a cherished dream. In the town of his birth. Soulages can be seen for what he is: his approach, his attitude and his involvement. Forail, boulevard and backbone for a topography that overlooks the surrounding countryside and the distant mountains, is to be his place.
Museum and landscape thus have a mutual feedback, merging into one, like the painter and his work, displaying a wealth of relationships where nothing can be removed, because everything that belongs to this new created world is inherent. Work, museum and landscape: Soulages and Rodez.